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Talk Talk Customer Support Hell Part 2

My friend eventually found out what had gone wrong with her Talk Talk ADSL.

They had disconnected her and will take 14 days to reconnect.

This was not due to lack of payment – they just disconnected the line!  The customer support desks could not find this on their records two weeks ago… 

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DBF File format specification.

This is a full definition of the dbf file format.

However is it worth the effort of $250/seat that is charged for Apollo.NET

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Useful DBA Blog

This is a very useful DBA blog. 

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Udf Oddities

I have been experiencing some wierd udf behaviour.
I have a udf that takes 7.5 mins to run.  The sql inside the udf runs in < 1s.
Run the query under index tuning wizard and it suggests a very odd index.
Adding the index gets the time for both down to < 1s.

I have a second udf that is not as condusive to the index tuning wizard.


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Parallel Thinking

Recently I have been reading up on WPF.  I thought that some of the XAML support would be of use in the business layer.

It seems that I am not alone. Paul seems to take a similar line on domain models.

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Stored Procedure Tuning Tips

This is an article on tuning stored procedures.

This is something that I have been partly sucesfully doing over the last few weeks.

It is an art – you have to guess and test most of the time. 

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Dynamic Type Loading

Here is a very simple sample of dynamic type loading:

==== LoadLibrary.cs ==== 

using System;
using System.Reflection;

namespace LoadLibrary
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Assembly ass = Assembly.LoadFile(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory
                + @”.\SimpleLib.dll”);
            Type type = ass.GetType(“SimpleLib.SimpleClass”);
            object newInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(type);

=== SimpleClass.cs ===

namespace SimpleLib
    public class SimpleClass
        public override string ToString()
            return “I am a simple class”;


Build simple class into SimpleLib.dll

Build LoadLibrary into LoadLibrary.exe

Put SimpleLib.dll into the same directory as LoadLibrary.


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Expressions Bland

Expressions Blend is described as a tool for designers to produce compelling user experience.

Its a shame that is does not apply to the product itself.

The demos are beautiful but have no means of seeing how they work.


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Business Rule Example

This is a business rule example app.

The guy decided to use double entry bookeeping as a sample app. 

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Lightweight Ruby Webserver to list podcasts

Once you get your head around ruby constructs the following was easy to write:

As a benefit it actually displays properly…

require ‘socket’

def latest3podcasts(session, podcast)
session.print “

  • Dir.glob(podcast)[-3..-1].each {|x| session.print “
  • #{x}
  • ” }
    session.print “


port = 8080.to_i
server =‘serveraddress’,port)
while (session = server.accept)
puts “Request: #{session.gets}”
session.print “HTTP/1.1 200/OKrnContent-type: text/htmlrnrn”
session.print “”
latest3podcasts(session, “/storage/podcast/dotnetrocks/*.mp3″)
latest3podcasts(session, “/storage/podcast/hanselminutes/*.mp3″)
latest3podcasts(session, “/storage/podcast/polymorphicpodcast/*.mp3″)
session.print “rn”

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